young fur of 3 years;


Salut comment Γ§a va? Je suis Sunspire!
I have autism and ADHD! I identify as genderfluid and go by the pronouns: she/he/they.
As many already know, I am a furry! I do not consider myself an actual animal however, despite the fact I enjoy practicing quads and animalistic sounds (purring, trilling, growling, etc.)
It's just fun!
I'm interested in many hobbies like: public suiting, quadrobics, sewing, arts & crafts, digital drawing, photography, singing, and roleplaying! As of currently, I'm always accepting roleplay buddies, or furry friend groups who could relate to me in general. (i'm so lonely /hj)
I don't mind new friends so don't be afraid to send a DM.
My boundaries are: No overtly sexual content, especially without spoilers. No gore-y videos/photos without consent; this applies to other 18+ content because I am still a minor. Venting is allowed, just censor any potential "sensitive" topics. Other than that, I'll be more than glad to listen to you.
More of these boundaries are below!


Rape/assault of any kind; I am a rape victim, and have been ever since I was a small child, it is highly disappointing` when somebody jokes around about that kind of stuff, its really unsettling and I prefer to avoid those kinds of people for a reason.
Racism/ableism; Since I have autism and ADHD - and am black - it has affected me greatly. I have very low tolerance when it comes to a topic relative to somebody's race or abilities which is meant to be ill-intended, no matter their origin, but I would figure this mentality is shared among people who aren't heartless.Indiana and Kentucky; I know having locations as a trigger might be odd to some, but both of my exes live in these locations, they were extremely abusive mentally and I felt trapped when in a relationship with them, my involvement with them was a long time ago, when I was naive and made bad decisions, not to mention the fact that they were both grown adults. (the one in Indiana turned 18 after we broke up.) I won't get upset if these places are mentioned though. More like, just a bad reminder.

Physical contact; I'm not very familiar or react well with physical contact from people often, which would make it all the more uncomfortable touching a stranger. (hugging, holding hands, etc.) So please don't touch me without explicit consent.
Startling me; I get scared easily, and I understand if me being jumpy isn't your fault! But, please atleast step into my field of view before attempting to talk to me. My fursuit has VERY limited vision due to my accessories and fur. (You can try calling my name so I'm aware!)
Discussing sensitive/offensive topics with no warning; This is just something everyone should be mindful of, regardless of who you are.
No unsolicited pictures; I'm always open to take pictures with somebody, but you must let me know beforehand, don't try to take pictures/videos of me without permission please, that's creepy especially since I am underage.