Salut comment Γ§a va? Je suis Sunspire!
I have autism and ADHD! I identify as genderfluid and go by the pronouns: she/he/they.
As many already know, I am a furry and am otherheated! I do not consider myself an actual animal however, despite the fact I enjoy practicing quads and animalistic sounds (purring, trilling, growling, etc.)
It's just fun!

I'm interested in many hobbies like: public suiting, quadrobics, sewing, arts & crafts, digital drawing, photography, singing, and roleplaying! As of currently, I'm always accepting roleplay buddies, or furry friend groups who could relate to me in general. (i'm so lonely /hj)
I don't mind new friends so don't be afraid to send a DM.
My boundaries are: No overtly sexual content, especially without spoilers. No gore-y videos/photos without consent; this applies to other 18+ content because I am still a minor. Venting is allowed, just censor any potential "sensitive" topics. Other than that, I'll be more than glad to listen to you.